No more than a million

Petition to the members of the new European Parliament to put a restriction on inequality and promote this worldwide.

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Many of us consider that extreme economic inequality is a serious and growing problem for our common future. Have you ever considered that it is essential that we share the limited resources of the planet more equitably to ensure a future of progress, social stability and sustainability?

Inequality is reaching shocking levels and it is still growing rapidly due to the passiveness of governments. According to recent data, those who have more than a million dollars of assets are only 0.7% of the world’s population, but they accumulate 41% of the planet’s wealth. In contrast, half of the world population do not hold 1% of the wealth.

This extremely unequal distribution promotes poverty and allows an elite group of billionaires to control, directly or indirectly – through amazingly well paid advisors and managers – large and strategic companies and the mass media. At the same time this elite imposes its agenda, which basically is to reduce labor costs and become wealthier. In order to eliminate poverty in the short term and prevent our global village from becoming a dictatorship controlled by of a handful of billionaires it is necessary to limit wealth.

It is not necessary to put a limit to the income or capital, however great these may be, as long as they are serving the public interest. There are many activities beneficial to society that require a large amount of income or capital, such as managing public pensions, the health system, education, erradicating poverty or reversing climate change. Nor is it necessary to put a limit to business capital, however large, if it is guaranteed that its profits are distributed. But those whose wealth is excessive can influence political decisions, distorting democracy, and may undermine free competition, controlling the “market” for their own interests. We must correct this unnecessary risk by placing, by democratic and peaceful means, a limit to our own ambition.

We therefore believe it would be a good idea to propose a legal limitation on the possibility of becoming wealthy by setting a maximum amount. This amount would be equal to all – $ 1 million. Does anyone need more to be happy? In reality an economy dominated by profit without limitation prevents us from freely deciding about our true needs.

“Members of the European Parliament 

The European Parliament must ensure the welfare of all citizens of the EU and assume responsibility for the overall growth of the scandalous inequality.

I am willing to limit my wealth to a million dollars to build a better world, so I consider myself entitled to ask of you to raise a query that can generalize this option within the EU and also to promote it worldwide.

The limitation of wealth is a matter of social justice. No one should aim to become infinitely rich while most of humanity suffers hardship. Furthermore, the excessive accumulation of economic power undermines free competition and democracy.


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More information:

The global wealth pyramid – The Global Wealth Report 2013 (page 22). Credit Suisse

Working for the Few: Political capture and economic inequality


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